Kobi-Gudauri Cable Road

Start time: 2017 Completion time: 2018 Client: Georgian Municipal Development Fund Stretched across over 7 km, the Kobi-Gudauri suspended cable road is capable of serving 2800 passengers an hour.  It took one year to build the project that was most challenging from an engineering standpoint.  The new Kobi-Gudauri suspended cable road comprises 3 lines and a total of 111 ski lifts. Through its 6 stations, the cable road from Kobi is connected to Gudauri suspended cable road. As the Prime Minister said, in addition to serving tourists, the new cable road project will be used as a safe means of transport in heightened avalanche conditions. From Kobi, 3 cable roads with 111 ski lifts and 6 stations are connected to Gudauri cable road system. In addition to serving tourists, the new Kobi-Gudauri cable road will be used as a safe means of transport by the local population in heightened avalanche conditions. This will address the issues of blocked roads within the section which are frequent in Kazbegi Municipality due to the geographic location. The project with an estimated cost of 81 million Lari was financed by the Government of Georgia and implemented by the Georgian and French companies (Peri and Poma) contracted by the Municipal Development Fund.