Kazbegi HPP

Start time: 2013
Completion time: 2014

Kazbegi HPP is located on the Brolistskali River, a right tributary to the Tergi River in Stepantsminda Municipality, several hundreds of meters off the Lari Checkpoint at the Russo-Georgian border. 

•    Installed capacity - 6 mw
•    Average annual generation - 29 mln kwh
•    Commissioning date - 16 October 2014 
•    Amount of investment - $3 million                        
As a diversion hydropower plant, Kazbegi HPP comprises: 

•    Headworks with a fish pass and an intake
•    Sludge chamber
•    HPP pressure pipeline
•    Powerhouse
•    Tailrace canal
•    A 6.3/110-kv susbstation
•    HV PTL (110 kv)
The electricity generated in the powerhouse is supplied to the 110-kv outdoor transformer substation which is connected to the existing 110-kv Kazbegi PPL by means of a 110-kv PTL.    
The water discharged by the plant turbines flows to the Brolistskali River through the tailrace canal. 
The hydropower plant operates in an automatic mode.