Dariali HPP

•    Start time: 2012
•    Completion time: 2016
•    Client: Dariali Energy

The Dariali HPP has an installed capacity of 108 mw. The hydropower plant is located on the Tergi River in Kazbegi 1729 m ASL. Collected from the Tergi River, the water flow is diverted through a bypass gallery to the powerhouse located 1334 ASL 1.2 k off the Russo-Georgian border. Its annual stable generation is 500 mln kwh.    
From an engineering standpoint, this is the most complex structure that has even been implemented in Georgia since it regained independence.  
The project utilized the electro-mechanical equipment made by leading companies in the world. The electro-mechanical equipment as well as the power transformer and the circuit breaker were mounted by Peri.
The Dariali HPP was provided with the electro-mechanical equipment by Andrtiz Hydro, Austrian company that is one of the most highly reputed companies on the world market. Further, the tunnel for Dariali Erergy was built by Robbins Company that is the world’s foremost developer and manufacturer of advanced, underground construction machinery.  In all, the following 5 tunnels (most complex from an engineering perspective) have been built: a 5.5 km tunnel, a 500 m tunnel, two 300-m tunnels, and a 150-m tunnel.   
According to the project, a Dariali HPP substation will be connected to the national power grid by means of a 110-kw Dariali PTL. 

The total project cost is $123 million. Dariali HPP is the first carbon-neutral HPP that has been financed by EBRD in Georgia or elsewhere in the world. 
The HPP project has won a number of international awards. In particular, EMEA Finance’s Project Finance Awards 2014 awarded Dariali Energy JSC for the Best Water Project in Central and Eastern Europe: Dariali Hydropower Plant in Georgia. Further, EBRD Sustainability Awards 2017 awarded Dariali Energy JSC for Demonstrating Best Environmental and Social Practices in connection with the Dariali Hydropower Plant Project.