Misaktsieli HPP Rehabilitation

•    Start time: 2009
•    Completion time: 2009
•    Client: Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development 

The Misaktsieli HPP was commissioned in 1964 with the in stalled capacity of 2600 kwh. 
Located on the Aragvi River near Bulachauri Village, the headworks are a surface intake with a side weir for maximum flow and a sluice chamber.  
Peri carried out a complete rehabilitation of the hydropower plant: installed two hydropower units with spiral-chamber horizontal turbines in the power room, 
The power unit of the Misaktsieli HPP was also rehabilitated. 
The water discharged by the powerhouse flows into the Aragvi River through a tailrace canal. The tailrace canal is 1500 m in length. The canal bed is 1.5 m in width and 2 m in depth. The angle of slope of the tailrace canal is 1.25 and the inclination - 0.0005. 
The Misaktsieli HPP is connected to the Georgian power grid by means of a 35-kv line.