Kinkisha HPP Rehabilitation

•    Start time: 2008
•    Completion time: 2008
•    Client: JSC Zahesi 06 

HPP installed capacity: 0.9 mw
•    Rated head: 68 m;
•    Flow: 1,4 m3/s

The hydropower plant had malfunctioned due to some damage to the bypass gallery that had been built in the middle of the past century. Most of the electronic systems had been in an operating condition but had been out of date and, therefore, had to be replaced with their modern counterparts. The water system of the hydropower plant had suffered major drawbacks.   
Peri restored the damaged concrete structure of the headworks, mounted screens, restored and set up gates. The Company conducted a full bypass gallery clean-up; build a bypass pressure pipeline; built a surge tank; and fully upgraded the electrical systems of the hydropower plant with modern systems.