Chkhorotsku HPP Rehabilitation

•    Start time: 2007
•    Completion time: 2008
•    Client: JSC Chkhorotskuhesi
HPP installed capacity: 5.6 mw
As Chkhorotsku HPP had been fully depreciated, it had to be completely rehabilitated. Pre-construction phase: restoring the damaged concrete structures of the headworks; diverting the river flow; removing the run-off; working the surface of base rocks; installing anchors; reinforcing; cleaning and restoring the sluice; fully upgrading the screens and gates; restoring the surface of the bypass gallery; rehabilitating the structure of the pressure pipeline; fully rehabilitating the power room.
Peri conducted a major overhaul of the generator, the substation, the transformers and the outlet units. Further, the electrical part of the hydropower plant was refitted with new modern systems.